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susan gresto | art




Art is a connective force.


My aim is to project a hope for the extraordinary possibility in life. My artistry is fueled by faith and provides a space for reflection, revival, and hope for new things. 

I enjoy working expressively and boldy, referencing the colorful hues and visual impact of pop and graphic art through traditional and digital media. Reflecting and challenging historical artists from Klimt to Basquiat, my avenues for expression present my subject matter from a contemporary perspective.

I desire to share the rewards I have received through creative practice and exchange with others. Art is a connective force which reminds us of the best and worst aspects of collective human experience. Art has the power to open minds and hearts so that we all may grow to be a little more hopeful, a little more compassionate, and little more understanding of ourselves and one another. I value these things not only as an artist, but as a human being.