Mid-life Moment of Truth!

As women, we are trained by society to be looked at (referencing Barbara Kruger’s Your Gaze Hits the Side of My Face) – and then, we become invisible at a certain age. Midlife Moment of Truth is my response to choose boldness, power, and even outrage in response to the bondage of appearance, expectation and being “enough.”

A Craving

The origins of the piece began with a combination of circumstances which inspired me to create my own altar. Three golden angels who were perched atop a shelf at Goodwill called to me and the Easter candy offering that flooded the aisle of the grocery store was irresistible. The divine centerpiece was predestined to be a Russel Stover’s chocolate cross. A Baroque sunburst completed this fantastic, over-the-top altar piece assemblage. Compositing photographs enabled me to push this religious imagery a little further and continue to bring disparate items together. The sky is symbolic for the heavenly and the shopping cart, a vehicle for transporting stuff to God. During the creative process, I considered questions about faith as a result of a series of trials I had been through.

Vinny and Me a la Basquiat

Loosely following a snapshot, I reinterpreted this portrait in the style of a favorite artist, Jean Michel Basquiat. Vinny is a rescued labrador/corgi mix who has a few challenges because of his kooky body shape. I played off his unconventional look and decided to create an energized, colorful, graffiti-like depiction that is unquestionably a more accurate representation! True to Basquiat is the additional cryptic text, describing how this dog has won me over.